As a college student, Gabriel traveled across the country to attend school. Being alone often, far away from anyone he knew, Gabriel sang to self-soothe. Studying economics, all his time was invested in learning ways to gain value. Gabriel wanted to provide value and do something better for others that is pioneering. 

So, in 2019, Gabriel became GV Dupree, a musician exemplifying hospitality with the mission of being the most valuable. GV Dupree is revolutionizing music with an innovative patent that will soon allow listeners to buy stock and earn profit by streaming songs. As the only artist to soon be represented solely on the stock market, GV Dupree is turning a generation of listeners into investors. 

The artist-turned-corporation is filling his portfolio with an eclectic mix of singing, creating intimate moods, and hypnotizing soundscapes that are almost impossible not to get lost in. While becoming more valuable by the day, GV Dupree marks the arrival of a new talent who will reinvent the music industry.